Is it time to replace your IT infrastructure? Are you looking for a cloud environment that offers a suitable solution? Where you can securely house your business-critical applications?

IT infrastructure renewal is essential

Renewing an IT infrastructure is often seen as complex. Yet you cannot escape the moment of renewal. In fact, IBM Power Systems have an economic life span of 4 to 5 years. After that, costs and risks increase sharply. A one-time investment in a new, often expensive on-premise platform is possible. But you can also choose to house your primary applications in a cloud environment.

Cloud|Power: a flexible cloud environment

In cooperation with IBM, Simac provides Power Systems where companies can house these business-critical and often therefore heavy applications in the cloud: Cloud|Power. You no longer make a one-time investment in hardware, but enjoy all the benefits this cloud environment has to offer. For example, you can easily scale up and down capacity on a monthly basis and we guarantee extremely high availability.

Twin data center concept

We guarantee this availability through automatic disaster recovery and failover within the concept, or Twin datacenter concept. Within this concept, your applications are protected against hardware and data center failures. The Cloud|Power runs on two Simac data centers, located in Eindhoven, less than 30 kilometers apart. This guarantees minimal latency. Both data centers consist of both a shared and a dedicated part, the choice is yours.

Cloud|Power, a solution for your organization

After reading this white paper, you will have a better understanding of what Cloud|Power is, why it is important and be able to assess whether this solution is useful for your organization.

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Advantages of the Cloud|Power

This e-book will tell you what the Cloud|Power is all about, what distinctive benefits it offers you, and when it's time to renew.

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Why Cloud|Power?

Unique in the Netherlands
No one-time upfront investment required
Monthly capacity scaling up and down
100% guarantee of availability of your processes