Our Connectivity as a Service (CaaS) is an innovative connectivity solution in subscription form. CaaS consists of high-quality services from the Simac portfolio and contains everything you need for efficient business connectivity. CaaS gives your organization access to first-class network connectivity within which you can flexibly scale up and down, you have advance insight into costs and hardware and licenses are included. As an organization, you are completely unburdened, allowing you to focus on your core competencies and core business.

Connectivity as a Service

All your connectivity taken care of at once

Connectivity as a Service is composed of high-quality services from the Simac portfolio. CaaS therefore consists of all essential building blocks for a complete business network, consisting of a fixed network (LAN) and wireless network (WLAN). This offers your organization complete relief in the field of infrastructure, management and maintenance.

Benefits Connectivity as a Service

Connectivity in subscription format Connectivity solution in subscription format

Connectivity pay as you go Never pay more than you use, pay as you go

Connectivity no purchase of hardware licenses No need to purchase hardware and licenses

Connectivity scalable flexible Scalable and flexible

Innovation in connectivity Innovation and continuous improvement

Fully managed

With our Connectivity as a Service, you enjoy a fully managed solution that covers all components of your business network. From deployment to daily monitoring and maintenance, our expert teams ensure that your network is stable and reliable.


First and Single Point of Contact – SPOC

In Connectivity as a Service, Simac has the role as First and Single Point of Contact. This means that Simac bears total responsibility for the functioning of your company network by means of management of hardware and licenses. In addition, Simac is also your permanent and central point of contact for all your connectivity-related questions and solutions.


Hardware as a Service (HaaS)

Our Hardware as a Service (HaaS) offers hardware and licenses in the form of subscriptions, relieving your organization of high investment costs. Instead, you pay monthly for the hardware, licenses and complete relief. Simac assumes responsibility for replacement, maintenance and keeping the hardware up-to-date. Now that's practical!

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