Customer experience solutions

With the right technology solutions, you create the ultimate customer experience. Retailers themselves know best how to reach and serve their customers and what their strategy should look like. From that strategy, new store concepts - and new Retail technologies - are formed. Simac likes to get involved early on in the process to proactively help think about safe and future-proof customer experience solutions.

Technology and products

Shoppers want to navigate effortlessly through the store and quickly find the products they are looking for. That starts with an uncluttered store layout and strategically placed products. Smart use of technology, such as interactive screens or mobile apps, helps customers find products and optimize their route through the store. A smooth and intuitive shopping experience ensures efficient flow, satisfied customers and emphasizes your brand's strong image.

Interaction between store associate and shopper

A proper customer experience is heavily influenced by the interaction between store associates and shoppers. This interaction must be in line with what with the experience you want to offer as a retailer. Modern store technologies help employees work in a way that supports the desired customer experience. For example, targeted task management ensures that employees can immediately respond to customer needs and provide needed assistance. And visibility into inventory and proper inventory management assures customers of product availability. Integrated technology solutions contribute to smooth interaction between employees and shoppers, enhancing the desired customer experience on multiple levels.

User-friendly technology

Interaction with technology and the availability of relevant information impacts the shopper's experience. A modern retail environment increases customer engagement through the use of innovative solutions. For example, interactive screens or mobile apps can provide shoppers with detailed product information, offers and even personalized suggestions. This gives customers more knowledge about the products and provides a personalized and engaging shopping experience. User-friendly technology and proper integration of solutions into the shopping process strengthens the relationship between shopper and retail environment. In this, information and interaction go hand in hand to create a positive customer experience.

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