As dependence on public cloud services increases, so does the demand for performance and security. When your business is running in multiple clouds, you also want optimal performance.

Cloud|Exchange: your private shortcut to the public cloud

Many organizations today still use local breakout: they go directly through the Internet to the public cloud. However, this has disadvantages, both in terms of security as well as speed and costs. Cloud|Exchange is Simac's connectivity service for unlocking multicloud platforms, SaaS solutions and on-premise infrastructures. Cloud|Exchange is therefore ideal for the hybrid cloud.


Cloud|Exchange: flexible connectivity with extremely low latency

Cloud|Exchange provides you with an extremely fast, redundant connection with extremely low latency. What is unique is that you can easily scale up and scale down this connection, so that you never have to purchase more than necessary, nor longer than necessary. Another major advantage is that this Simac service is considerably cheaper than if you were to build your own tunnel for this connectivity.

The Simac Cloud|Exchange offers the way to multiple Public Cloud Providers including Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, IBM Cloud or one of the other 250 providers.

Total Solution from Simac

From your Cloud|Exchange request, we go to work for you and ensure that your network, via your own private highway, is connected to your environment in the public cloud. You can get started right away and all that without cumbersome time-consuming procedures and expensive investments. You are in charge and we arrange and manage everything, exactly as you want it.

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Why Cloud|Exchange?

Private shortcut to the public cloud
High speed and low latency
High availability
+ 250 cloud connections possible
Fast delivery
Flexible scaling up and down