Support services and management

Continue monitoring

Our network experts continuously monitor the entire network and all associated equipment. This gives us accurate insight into the stability of the infrastructure. Thanks to our advanced tools, we are able to detect failures in time, predict potential problems and ensure overall network reliability.

Proactive management

With our remote management, we proactively perform tasks to optimize your network and improve the user experience. We automatically perform software updates, monitor network capacity and also ensure maximum security. By ensuring regular updates and the use of the latest software versions, we protect your network from potential threats and data breaches.



Furthermore, we strive to extend the life of your network through life cycle management. This allows you to benefit from your investments for longer and reduces the risk of unexpected outages. We can respond quickly to devices in danger of becoming end of life or end of support, ensuring your business continuity. With our comprehensive management of your connectivity, you are assured of a network that is reliable and secure while also having the flexibility to meet your growing needs.


Field & onsite support

Simac offers specialized onsite support for both hardware and software components under the heading 'Field & Onsite Support'. This enables you to concentrate on the core activities of your business. Simac bears responsibility for onsite activities, fault analyses, hardware replacement, planning, return processing, logistics and knowledge growth. Our service is guaranteed throughout Western Europe and forms an integral part of our services.


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