Microsoft Azure is a cloud platform that brings all kinds of applications (such as various applications) around infrastructure, data storage and development to the cloud. This means that you no longer have to purchase this hardware yourself, but can purchase it online via the cloud, at any desired location. That in turn saves on your costs! In addition, you can build, deploy and then manage applications.

Your own secure cloud with Azure

Azure offers an open structure and deep integration with private cloud and on-premise services. You can easily integrate your existing IT environment with Azure. This gives you as an entrepreneur maximum freedom of choice and flexibility in distributing your workloads; cheap where you can, robust where you have to!

Some businesses are still apprehensive about the cloud. Microsoft leads the way when it comes to protection and privacy of your data. So, with Microsoft's cloud services, your data and information are optimally protected.


Benefits of Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is known for its flexibility, speed, scalability and pay-per-use method. You pay per use, and you can scale up and down quickly so you always meet the current demand within your market.

The benefits at a glance:

  • High degree of flexibility
  • Cost efficient (highly scalable, pay per use, no hardware purchases)
  • Safe and controllable environment
  • Integration with Simac IAAS platform
  • Move workloads in a controlled manner
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Why Azure from Simac?

As a Microsoft Gold partner completely up to date on the latest and future Azure capabilities
As a Technology Service Integrator perfectly capable of connecting Aure to your existing environment and vice versa
As a 'business value enabler' able to generate maximum return from your Azure investments