Never pay more than you use, but pay as you go. The digital workplace as a service is scalable and cost-effective. Keep your organisation dynamic thanks to the high degree of flexibility of a Workplace as a Service.  

Flexible workplace

Undeniable flexibility

The Workplace as a Service (WaaS) is not a fixed product but a personalised service. It’s a total package of components with the perfect connection to the organisation’s needs. Each component can be individually adapted, and new elements can be added to the Workplace as a Service without any problems. In response to the growth of the organisation, feedback from employees or changes in the business process, you can continue to optimise the workplace. Move with the energy of teams and projects thanks to the rapid availability of the necessary hardware, applications and data. Future proof! 

“The development and optimisation of the digital workplace do not stop after the implementation of Simac | Your Space. By continuously improving and constantly enriching our systems, we ensure an ever-better customer experience in the workplace. In addition, the workplace is scalable and, therefore, cost-efficient. This way, the customer never pays too much. In short, Simac | Your Space a Workplace as a Service solution.”

Marcel Teunissen - Product Marketing Manager Simac | Your Space, Simac IT NL

New colleagues

Add new users in an instant. Utilising the central design via endpoint management, the employee automatically receives the right tools for their position. Delivering a personal virtual workplace with applications, access rights and security settings, but also the optional request and delivery of hardware and its configuration. 

Green IT and sustainable business

The transition to a modern Workplace as a Service aligns with the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). This means business operations consider the effects on people, the environment and society. Simac | Your Space facilitates centralised management, a high degree of flexibility and efficiency. A WaaS saves time and costs and contributes to making business processes more sustainable. Employees are better informed about project statuses, come into contact with colleagues faster, and business objectives can be achieved sooner.  

Simac | Your Space also helps your organisation to reduce CO2 emissions. The cloud-native architecture eliminates the need for on-premises infrastructure. The management of workplaces and applications is centralised in the cloud. This way, you save energy, and your organisation makes a substantial contribution to a cleaner environment. 

“Organisations migrating from on-premises to the cloud can achieve energy savings of up to 65% and carbon emissions reductions of 84%.”

IT Executive

Continuous development of Workplace as a Service

Simac | Your Space is continuously being developed by our engineers. We get a lot of useful information from how users use Your Space. Research into tool functionality and user needs provides our engineers with important insights. Your Space is prepared for future developments in the digital climate and our modern approach. This way, you work with the latest version of your Workplace as a Service, always and everywhere. 

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