A secure network is the important foundation that must always operate. That's why we make sure security is integral to the design and management of your network, without compromising user experience.  

Secure connectivity

Secure by design

At Simac, security is central to everything we do. We work according to the Secure by design principle. This means that at every step, from design to development, we have a continuous focus on the security of your connectivity. We ensure that you are working with a solid and secure foundation by including security as an integral part of the design phase of your network. Even during and after installation, the security of your network remains a focus. The digital world is constantly evolving and the risk of new threats grows along with it. That is why we continue to innovate and stay up-to-date with the latest security standards. We also give the highest priority to security in the further development of your network. 

Additional network and security services

With years of experience and a keen sense of our customers' needs, we understand that every organization has unique requirements when it comes to security. That's why we also offer the ability to add additional security add-ons to your network. Think of simple additional measures or access controls, but also the advanced services of our Security Operations Center (SOC). Your network always stays one step ahead of possible cyber threats. 

Network and access control

Managing network access is a critical aspect of security. Our Network Access Control (NAC) solutions ensure that only authorized devices can access your corporate network. We not only monitor the devices themselves, but also their status, such as the latest security updates. In addition, we verify the identity of users to ensure that only authorized individuals have access with appropriate devices. 

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Virtualization and segmentation

Virtualizing your network provides flexibility and security. By virtualizing the network, we can split it into separate segments, each with their own level of security. This minimizes the risk of data loss or unauthorized access, even within your own corporate network. With segmentation, we can effectively manage digital traffic and protect sensitive data while optimizing the performance of your network. 

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