Security first, that’s a given. In today’s digital climate, ensuring good cyber security is a matter of course. Business continuity and protection against external risks are essential. That’s why Simac Your Space was developed based on the Zero Trust model and from the core Secure by Design. This way, you maintain control, and you can build on your safe workplace!  

A secure workplace for employees

Secure by Design

Simac | Your Space is Secure by Design. This means that each digital workplace complies with all information security certifications such as CIS, ISO and SOC and applicable compliance regulations. In addition, security is a continuous area of attention for our engineers during the design, construction, implementation and further development of Your Space as an intelligent safe workplace. The end user notices little of this on a daily basis, and that is precisely our intention! It allows users to maintain focus on their tasks and goals without worrying about external threats and cyber risks. For example, all your company data is backed up and stored in the cloud. And we ensure the data is accessible to users 24/7.

Never trust, always verify

The Zero Trust model works according to the philosophy: “Never trust, always verify.” The Zero Trust architecture principle can be seen in the Your Space concept both on a technological level and in management processes and procedures. The secure workplace is an extra step, secured in various ways by means of Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). Examples include the link with a telephone number or the use of eye recognition, PIN or fingerprint. MFA adds a significant security factor and facilitates the maintenance of ease of login. 

A secure workplace with personas and IAM

Personas are categories of users. Distinguishing personas simplifies the assignment of desired rights and access within the infrastructure to all employees within an organisation. Personas are determined in advance in collaboration with your organisation. User roles and access rights are managed via an Identity and Access Management (IAM) system. IAM ensures that people have the right level of access to business applications, networks and databases using their digital identity. 

Management and HR

Thanks to centralised management, the endpoint management, updates and patches of the secure workplace are always effective and efficient and can be performed remotely. Endpoint management includes monitoring, securing and updating active devices within the organisation. HR systems can also seamlessly integrate with the IAM systems in Your Space. This allows you to define roles in an organisation and place them within personae.

When a new employee joins the company and is created in the system, they automatically receive the right tools for their position. Providing a secure workplace with applications, access rights and security settings, but also the request and delivery of hardware. The new user receives the device at home and only needs to log in. The configuration of each device is initiated automatically. Talk about saving time!

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