Attracting and keeping staff in retail is a challenge. It is important to make work fun, but also to give employees the confidence that they are truly valuable. Our employee support solutions ensure employees know what to do, can do it well and get the recognition they deserve.

Happy store employees

Employee support solutions take a central role in navigating the daily tasks of retail employees. Our solutions are focused on providing tools and support that help store personnel perform their tasks in a structured manner. Even in a retail environment where employees perform various roles, employee support solutions can be used to support staff in task-driven work. Good tools help make work more efficient and enjoyable. Think of PDAs with special apps for communication and task management or electronic shelf labels with useful functions such as lights for order picking. Work really becomes fun when you can perform your tasks without hassle and make your time useful!

Satisfied shoppers

Real-time data analytics enable employees to perform tasks around inventory management, order picking and customer service in an optimized way. By providing employees with relevant information, such as sales and inventory data, they can better match tasks to customer needs. For example, you get a notification when an aisle is dirty or the croissants need replenishing. In addition, analytical insight into store behavior allows store associates to respond quickly when customers need help or advice. This leads to improved customer service, where employees can proactively respond to customer inquiries and take the complete customer experience to the next level. The result is a win-win situation, enhancing both staff efficiency and job satisfaction and customer satisfaction.

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