Connectivity for your branch

We have developed a keen sense of the specific needs and challenges within each branch. As such, our network solutions are designed and managed branch-specific to perfectly match the requirements of your industry and business.


Connectivity is at the heart of the retail industry. Many devices are constantly connected and data streams about inventory and transactions are essential. In an environment where cash registers must operate continuously and real-time visibility into inventory is crucial, reliable and efficient connectivity is invaluable. Employees use PDAs and mobile devices to navigate their operations and communicate with colleagues. These processes must run smoothly, without compromising on security. Simac offers innovative connectivity solutions that help your retail organization achieve the ultimate customer experience.



In healthcare, reliable connectivity is vital. A healthcare network is very complex due to the large number of diverse devices and sensors used in different locations. These are monitored in real time, giving healthcare workers the ability to react quickly to changes in the health status of their clients. A stable network allows caregivers to easily stay in touch with clients in a care location, as well as with clients living in assisted living, for example.

Client data security is also critical. Healthcare facilities are required to ensure that all communications and data transfers are conducted securely to ensure the privacy of client information. A reliable network is the lifeblood of healthcare. Our connectivity solutions are a vital link in providing high-quality care within your organization.


In the Industry sector, reliable connectivity is essential to stay competitive and anticipate the dynamics of your industry. By monitoring your equipment, processes and systems, you are able to react quickly to deviations in the process and schedule maintenance where it is needed. With innovative connectivity solutions, you can efficiently manage data flows between various systems and locations, allowing you to act proactively based on real-time information and minimize unplanned downtime. Whether monitoring power grids, managing logistics processes or optimizing industrial production, stable connectivity is the backbone of your operational activities.

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