Store connectivity & security

Retailers want reliable store connectivity and security that just works. The store network is the beating heart of all operational processes. Of every action, interaction and transaction in the store and during the shopping experience. We see a secure network as an important foundation that must always work. Reliable and secure store connectivity provides store personnel with the invisible but essential foundation to provide shoppers with the best service.

Scalable and flexible

Stores are increasingly equipped with various IT components. Each of these is connected to the network. Good store connectivity and security grows with your brand. Or better, is prepared for future needs. Futureproof. When your store evolves or when you want to expand quickly with more branches, the network grows effortlessly along with it and security remains solid and reliable.

Reliable and safe

A store network that is reliable and secure is indispensable for a retailer. Every part of the store operation finds its passage through the network and thus depends on reliable connectivity and rock-solid security. A secure and fast network keeps checkout lines moving and shoppers happy.

Smart and efficient

Efficiency is essential in retail. Our store connectivity and security is designed with smart functionality that optimizes store processes and allows room for innovation. This allows employees to perform their tasks better and help shoppers quickly and in a focused way. That reflects in customer satisfaction scores!

Partnerships and certifications for the best technology

Simac has quality partnerships and certifications with leading security and network partners. This means that we work exclusively with the best technology and have additional resources at our disposal, such as specialist knowledge and capacity. You can build on retail technology that embraces trends and provides a platform for progress, and we ensure that your store IT is always ahead of the curve.

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