Store analytics is an integral part of the retail landscape. Interwoven between solutions from Check-out systems, Support and Customer Experience. Store analytics provides a zoomed-out perspective, focusing on quantifying the shopping experience. We analyze what is happening in the store and how to utilize technology to optimize the shopping process. Insights into customer behavior, inventory management and operational efficiency can be used to strategically design the store environment. This is how you enrich the customer experience!

Store analytics and shoppers

Store analytics allow retailers to map shopper behavior and improve the shopping experience from there. A data-driven approach enables you to analyze customer behavior and, most importantly, understand customer behavior! From strategically placing products to determining the optimal walking route through the store, these insights help you optimize store layout and drive buying behavior. Get to know your customers and carefully respond to their shopping needs.

Store analytics and store associates

Store analytics takes on an important role in optimizing collaboration between store employees and retail solutions. Data provides insight into the efficiency of store employees. This involves tracking tasks, interactions with shoppers and assessing overall employee performance. Through these new insights, you can adjust employee deployment. For example, this can be based on peak times in the store or specific customer needs. The focus is then on providing the best service at the right time. Store technologies support store employees optimally in order to increase operational effectiveness and achieve the ultimate customer experience.


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