Simac Remote Management Suite

The modern retail environment is evolving rapidly and incorporating more and more technology. It is essential to keep a grip on your IT environment. With our Simac Remote Management Suite (SRMS) you maintain control and gain insight into all IT components within your store infrastructure. You manage your hardware and software proactively and thus prevent downtime or disruptions in your store.

Proactive management through a single portal

The Simac Remote Management Suite (SRMS) continuously monitors for changes and incidents in your installed base. This way, SRMS signals any issues in time and these can also be solved proactively. The tool automatically keeps all software up-to-date, exchanges data with external applications and gives you insight into the performance of your peripherals. SRMS collects all registered information in a clear dashboard and reports. In addition, SRMS facilitates all necessary hands-on tools within one integrated portal. This also includes links to other management systems. This is efficient and you have full control over the management of your entire infrastructure.

Data as a guiding force

SRMS goes beyond an individual customer environment. Simac compares data from different retail customers to identify trends and suggest further optimizations. By making smart use of this collected data, SRMS enables you as a retailer to address current challenges and stay ahead of future developments. The continuous use of data within SRMS contributes to the innovation of retail technology. Management is hereby proactive and focused on shaping a future-proof and optimized retail environment. SRMS promotes the continuous improvement of your retail technology.

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