Your business connectivity is the beating heart of all operational processes. From sharing documents to managing your inventory, all of these data flows through your network. We consider a robust and stable network an important foundation that must always function. Reliable and scalable connectivity provides your organization with the invisible but essential foundation to excel in your field. 

Connectivity arranged anywhere, anytime

Settled from start to finish

We take care of your connectivity from the first moment it enters your company. Simac provides the line connection, lays the cables, installs the necessary components, provides the fixed network and reliable WiFi coverage. In addition, we offer all applications and equipment in your organization the best suitable connection to your network. From your workplace to the cloud, from cash register systems to distribution centers and from heart monitor to MRI scanner. You can rely on Simac for complete management of your network. 

Stable Wi-Fi anytime, anywhere

Wifi is the indispensable element in your business connectivity. It is important that wifi is available, fast and secure. Simac guarantees stable coverage, provides secure access and performs proactive management to ensure an optimal user experience. 

Connect to your corporate network anywhere

Flexible working and working from home have become indispensable in modern business. Thanks to our reliable network solutions, you stay connected with colleagues and customers and have access to your data at all times, wherever you are. For example, it is convenient that you can share and edit documents at any location. This contributes to the efficient performance of tasks and promotes good collaboration within your teams.

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