Your Expert Desk has extensive knowledge about everything related to automation. We provide personal support and strive for user self-reliance and independence through knowledge improvement. Our learning process never stops, either. Our services are continuously improved through customer feedback and monthly reports on SLAs and KPIs. 

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Knowledge and expertise

Your Expert Desk consists of a team of experts with in-depth knowledge of all IT-related matters. From hardware to software, connectivity and networks, all technical solutions in and around infrastructure, but also specific applications within your industry. The Expert Desk knows what's going on in your business and understands what it takes to put business continuity first. Automated IT system maintenance is done routinely, and proactive action is taken if any deviating activity is visible during monitoring. When you have a question, you can rest assured that you'll be helped quickly and get back to work in no time. You can build on our expertise! 

Familiar face

Your Expert Desk goes one step further in offering personal IT support. We believe in the value of permanent contact between the same people and therefore ensure you have as much contact as possible with the same Your Expert Desk team. This allows us to build a long-term relationship and gain a good understanding of your specific IT needs and challenges. This means you can always turn to familiar faces who understand your situation and will proactively contribute ideas.

We also offer the possibility of putting together a specialist team to support your organisation. This team has all the fundamental knowledge of your IT systems and your colleagues' work and is familiar with the specific challenges your organisation faces. Our experts rotate positions, so the person you had on the phone yesterday will be at your company tomorrow as an on-site support point of contact!

Shift left

By working on knowledge improvement, we strive to increase the self-reliance and independence of our customers. This means our experts share their specialist knowledge with you. Whether you are part of the IT department in your organisation or a 'regular user'. We call this Shift Left. The support of Your Expert Desk shifts to the left in the process, so as a user, you can take more responsibility and solve problems yourself more and more often. This gives you greater independence and saves you time!

Continuous experience improvement

We are constantly working on improving our services. To measure the satisfaction of our customers, we regularly conduct surveys, taking into account the so-called experience indicators. We also ask our customers about their experiences during the process so that we can learn and improve immediately. Thanks to this internal feedback process, we can offer your organisation an increasingly better and more personalised service. Every month, Your Expert Desk provides a report describing SLAs and achieved KPIs.   

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