Good user support is more than just providing technical assistance. An organisation's automation consists of many services and is often provided by several IT suppliers. Your Expert Desk acts as a central Single Point of Contact (SPOC) and helps you to keep an overview. 

Single point of contact

First and Single Point of Contact (SPOC)

In addition to providing support, Your Expert Desk also has a role as a First and Single Point of Contact. This means Your Expert Desk is your permanent and central point of contact for all your IT-related questions and problems. So users don't need to know exactly what they need or to whom to ask questions. Because of our central role as SPOC, employees in your organisation know their questions will be handled correctly by Your Expert Desk. 

Managed Services

The SPOC role is applied to all Simac services and solutions, but optionally also to IT services from other parties to your organisation, such as suppliers of telephony, fibre optics or software companies. We call this Managed Services. The aim is to streamline communications between our client and its suppliers. Your Expert Desk knows the other partners of your organisation and forms an essential link in the chain of your business. Here too, we act as the first point of contact. We also monitor reports and communication with third parties, carry out operational processes, and oversee reports to the partners involved. This way, you centralise all the essential parts of the technical infrastructure and can always contact a familiar face if you have a question. Your Expert Desk keeps control and ensures a well-organised Desk so that you can focus on your core activities. 

Single point of contact

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