These services can improve overall digital resilience, reduce the risk of data breaches and build a strong line of defense against constantly evolving cyber threats.

Vulnerability Scanning

Vulnerability Scanning provides the ability to proactively identify vulnerabilities in systems and networks before malicious actors can exploit them.

By performing regular scans, a risk profile can be mapped out. This allows prioritizing the most critical vulnerabilities and taking effective measures to mitigate them.

By quickly identifying and fixing vulnerabilities, environments are made more secure which also has a positive effect on trust inwardly and outwardly.

Vulnerability Advisory

Through Vulnerability Advisory, companies are provided with expert advice on identified vulnerabilities. It provides insight into the potential impact and offers direction on how to effectively address vulnerabilities. Providing concrete recommendations offers the opportunity to resolve vulnerabilities and by taking targeted measures to improve security. In addition, sharing this information also provides awareness among employees.

Simac enjoys working together to build a solid line of defense against digital threats so companies can focus on growing the business. Contact us today for a more secure digital future.

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