Current-generation firewalls are a key line of defense for digital security. These go beyond traditional firewalls by applying in-depth monitoring of data packets to detect hidden threats. In addition, applications can be identified at the deepest level of the OSI model and are equipped with systems that attempt to prevent intrusions.

These next-generation firewalls are constantly updated with information about new threats. They take proactive measures against emerging threats and adapt to the ever-changing world of security threats. This makes it a powerful tool in defense against various security challenges. In short, a firewall is one of the first layers of defense against unwanted traffic and cyber attacks, strengthening the security of a network.

Managed Firewall provides centralized security management, monitoring & analysis of events and handle security for firewalls. The service is multicloud ready, as a result of which firewalls at the customer's location, in Simac's data center or at a public cloud provider are fully monitored by means of the required security policies.

Managed Firewall Service

Managed Firewall Service provides configuration management, monitoring and analysis of firewall events. Managed Firewall Service takes care of implementing changes, making backups of the firewall configuration(s) and handling security incidents. Management is carried out by certified and experienced Simac security specialists.

Managed Firewall Advanced

The Advanced version of the service also provides 7x24 hour monitoring, analysis and follow-up on security alarms with a monthly report. In addition, intelligence is used so that attack patterns are recognized and threats are quickly identified, analyzed and traced. Within the service, consideration is given to the design of the firewall so that the next step can also be taken. This makes it possible to:

- assure that the ruleset remains healthy;
- reflect, from a security perspective, on customer requests;
- share a report that provides insight into the events;
- advice on next steps.

We can perform all the features for a firewall for SDWAN as well.

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