Your Expert Desk allows you to use an IT customer portal to access various functionalities. This portal can be linked to a service management tool. This gives you more control over and insight into the IT performance of your organisation. In addition, we offer employees of your organisation the opportunity to communicate in a way that is most suitable for them, thanks to our extensive omnichannel facilities.

Omnichannel customer service

Customer portal

Via the IT customer portal, you can create and view reports, track the progress of the report and add information. For example, you can find the arrival time of a field engineer or avoid long waiting times on the phone during a major malfunction by communicating via the customer portal. Requests for hardware such as a workstation, laptop, PDA or telephone can also be submitted quickly and efficiently via the portal. 

Under the FAQ, you will find instructional videos of the most common reports. This allows you to get started with a solution without contacting the Expert Desk. The IT customer portal is user-friendly, provides insight and saves time!

Omnichannel customer service


In addition to the IT customer portal, Your Expert Desk offers a seamless omnichannel experience. This not only increases user satisfaction but also ensures that incidents can be handled faster. Incidents can be reported in various ways, and you always have only one central point of contact: Your Expert Desk. This means you don't have to approach different departments or persons for help with an IT problem but can choose one of the following ways to report your incident; you can contact us by phone, send a message via social media, email, WhatsApp or use automated reports via API or mail import.

Lastly, Your Expert Desk also offers a convenient app that allows users to report incidents from their smartphone or tablet and monitor their status. This is convenient for employees who are frequently on the move, without a fixed workplace. By offering these different channels, we make it easy for employees of your organisation to communicate in a way that is most comfortable for them.

Linking with service management tools

Lastly, linking Your Expert Desk to various service management tools, including Topdesk, is possible. A link allows all information and communication between your organisation and Your Expert Desk to be automatically registered in the service management system. This offers benefits such as real-time updates of incidents, but the integration also ensures that handling incidents and requests is streamlined. No unnecessary time is lost on the manual transfer of information between the systems, the risk of errors is minimal, and you can access both Your Expert Desk and the service management system via one central entrance. 

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